Welcome to the ONLINE VEHICLE!

With the Online Vehicle project it is now possible to request through the Internet the registry of your vehicle and respective tows, and to receive the Vehicle Registration plate/ Single Document Certificate in your residence or registered head office. Here you can:
  • Request the vehicle´s property transfer (for example, to register the new vehicle´s owner, upon the purchase of a new or used vehicle) and other registry acts on vehicles and respective tows;
  • Consult your request status;
  • Request the vehicle´s registry permanent certificate;
  • Consult the vehicle´s registry permanent certificate.

The submission of registration acts should be preceded by a careful reading of the FAQ's.

Access restricted to Register Offices

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Authenticating with Digital Certificate

The registry can be requested by any person who has a digital certificate as, for example, the Citizen Card. It can also be requested by lawyers, notaries, dealers and solicitors holding a digital certificate.

If you have questions about installing the digital certificate of the citizen card, please refer to the following link https://www.autenticacao.gov.pt/web/guest/cc-aplicacao.
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  • Purchase and Sale
  • Initial Registry of Property
  • Purchase and Sale with Retention of Title
  • Cancellation of Retention of Title + Purchase and Sale
  • Purchase and Sale + Leasing
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Authenticating with Taxpayer Identification Number

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Without Authentication